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JPGVideo creates a video file from a series of JPG Files, these files can be from any source, as long as they are all the same size, but generally these will be from a Web camera.


  • Creates a video file from a series of JPG files
  • Each frame can given the name of the JPG file used to create it which can be viewed, if using Windows Player by selecting <View> <Captions>
  • JPGVideo is a multithreaded program and deliberately runs using a low priority, allowing other work to be carried out whilst images are being processed.>
  • The registry is not used all, configuration is via an INI file.
  • Bug when checking if JPGs are the same size.
  • Changed licence conditions.
  • Removed HTML help.
  • Software not changed.
  • Added option to stop writing the file name to the AVI file, because on some systems this would give a "Decompressor txts:draw missing . . " error.
  • The Codec selection dialog box did not display the Codecs in certain countries, e.g. Sweden, Czech Republic. This seems to be a Microsoft bug.
  • Selecting "Full Frames (Uncompressed)" gave an error when trying to play the AVI file:- "Cannot allocate memory because no size has been set". Caused by a "bug" in the 3rd party tool used to convert the JPG file
  • Identical frames can be dropped from the video.
  • Processing speed has been doubled.

The download size is less than 430KB.


The program is freeware, you may freely use this software and/or copy and give it to anyone. It MUST not be sold or any fee charged for it, download the licence for more information.

  This software is free, but we would appreciate a small donation, if you decide to use it, to help pay our web site costs.